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Magician performing tricks, magic tricks, and comedy tricks also performing comedy magic including funny and silly acts and tricks that are great for kids as a family entertainment

Get your guests laughing, cheering, and having a great time with professional magicians you find at Strong Tricks!

About me

I’m the guy you hire to make sure your event runs smoothly!

Strong Tricks works with only the finest close-up magicians. They rove, roam, stroll, and mingle through your party making it come alive. They add magic, mystery, wonder, and awe everywhere they go. They can turn one dollar bills to hundred dollar bills in the blink of an eye, make a thought of playing card vanish and reappear in an impossible location, instantly read thoughts, make borrowed objects float in mid-air, hack the password on a borrowed smartphone, pick-pockets, and more. Close-up magic is the perfect ice-breaker if you want to get your guests mingling, You can hire one magician or handful of magicians to fill your needs. If you have a special theme, they can wear costumes and create custom magic to make everything go together perfectly. Email for video samples of our world-class entertainers.

Types of Shows

  • Stand-Up Show — A comedy magic show that lasts from 5 to 60 minutes (to fill the time that is best for your needs).
  • Master of Ceremonies — Robert can host, MC, moderate a panel discussion, be your auctioneer, and even be a ringmaster to keep your event running smoothly.
  • Multiple Shows — The same show multiple times for different audiences or different shows for the same audience at your event.
  • Close-Up Magic — Magic up close and personal at your special event. It is also called strolling, mingling, walk-around, and atmosphere entertainment.
  • Large Illusions — Robert can perform a large illusion show with an assistant to make your VIP appear magically and to highlight your theme, message, and/or product.
  • Variety Show — We can provide a show with comedians, magicians, jugglers, acrobats, contortionists, and just about whatever you can think of.
  • Team Building Workshops — Interactive workshops for your employees that are fun, challenging, and gets everyone communicating.
  • Combination of the Above — Every event and every audience is unique. We are committed to creating the perfect show that fulfills your vision!

Stage illusions are performed for large audiences, typically within a theatre or auditorium. This type of magic is distinguished by large-scale props, the use of assistants and often exotic animals such as elephants and tigers.

Parlor magic is done for larger audiences than close-up magic (which is for a few people or even one person) and for smaller audiences than stage magic. In parlor magic, the performer is usually standing and on the same level as the audience, which may be seated on chairs or even on the floor.

Platform magic (also known as cabaret magic or stand-up magic) is performed for a medium to large audience. Nightclub magic and comedy club magic are also examples of this form.

Micromagic (also known as close-up magic or table magic) is performed with the audience close to the magician, sometimes even one-on-one.

Mentalism creates the impression in the minds of the audience that the performer possesses special powers to read thoughts, predict events, control other minds, and similar feats. It can be presented on a stage, in a cabaret setting, before small close-up groups, or even for one spectator.

Corporate magic or trade show magic uses magic as a communication and sales tool, as opposed to just straightforward entertainment. Corporate magicians may come from a business background and typically present at meetings, conferences and product launches. They run workshops and can sometimes be found at trade shows, where their patter and illusions enhance an entertaining presentation of the products offered by their corporate sponsors.

Comedy magic is the use of magic in which is combined with stand-up comedy.

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